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ACE Health Solutions offers a variety exciting positions that can help you meet your careers goals while providing you an opportunity to work in growing and successful company. Being a newer and smaller company, AHS allows individuals to often gain more experience and play various roles within their position that they would not get a large corporation. Furthermore, we provide some on-the-job training, several resources, a competitive compensation package and variety of other benefits. Please check out our listings for part-time, full-time and internship/externship positions.

We do support H1-B Visas. Contact us to find out more.

If you need further information about a particular p
osition advertised, or have certain skill sets but don’t see a position advertised for that job, feel free to email us at

ACE Health Solutions’ Mission is to improve the efficiency, affordability and accessibility of healthcare. We provide IT support, EMR support, and implementation and training; network support, hosting and help medical practice s maximize patient care through the efficient use of technology. Please check out our website for more details.



ACE Health Solutions, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer