ACE Health Solutions offers a variety of internships that meet the academic and career goals of  students from a variety of backgrounds. We offer extensive training, challenging projects and real-life experience in healthcare consulting. Depending on the requirements of your institution, AHS can offer an internship or externship that will fulfill class credits. Furthermore, upon satisfactory performance, students will receive recommendation letters that they can use for applying to jobs upon graduation.

Currently, we are looking for interns/externs in the following fields:

  • Marketing/Sales
  • Project Management
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Technical Support and Computer Programming
  • Writers (for articles and blogs)

Please check out our website for services and products that we offer. If there is a field that you are skilled in, but it is not listed and you feel it could contribute to what we do, please email us.

Internships/externships are generally unpaid and last for 3 months at at time. Paid opportunities are possible and depend on the experience level of the candidate. Furthermore, prolonging the length of your internship/externship is possible and good performance can certainly lead to part-time/full-time paid work with AHS.

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume or CV to


*ACE Health Solutions, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer