Case Studies of Our Success

(Technology Consulting)  Innovative Product Design

Creation of the CDA from OpenEMR- A technology vendor with a brilliant idea to aggregate data from different EMRs and other healthcare applications and send it to a patient portal contacted us to help create way to leverage opensource software. To do this, we had to create HL7v3 /CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) so the appropriate patient information would be extracted from OpenEMR automated and sent through a mirth engine and ultimately to their portal in real-time. Patients would get the most update information about their health at anytime. Ultimately, with our help the Company showcased at HIMSS Annual Conference and went to the next level of success after demoing the product.


(Management Consulting)  Practice re-design

Restructuring of human resources system- This was a therapy clinic that had been operational for 5+ years and struggling with proper retention of their providers. A deep-dive analysis revealed that their hiring, firing and performance policies were outdated and there was no method to keep staff accountable. Ultimately, our Consultants provided templates for these policies, found many others that were missing (hence risking the practice for trouble in case an employee lawsuit were brought or government audit) and a tracking mechanism so admin staff were motivated to do their job. Increases in efficiency up to 10% and realization of cost savings up to 25% were by-products of our intervention.