Practice Management

“Mr. Chawla and his Company have worked in-depth on various aspects of Care First that are mission-critical projects that encompass different aspects of our business such as human resources planning/re-structuring, provider credentialing, contract negotiations, clinical/operations reporting and strategic expansion of therapy services. He has exhibited excellent work, knowledge, trust, dedication and has demonstrated great value with the wonderful, ever-increasing opportunities provided by me as his Client”Care First PT & Rehab     Cary, NC


We offer the following services that helps your practice or small hospital :



  • Registering providers with new payers
  • Updating registration with current payers
  • Registering organizations with payers
  • Handling re-credentialing


Operations re-design

  • Ensure having the proper policies and procedures to meet compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, Workman’s Compensation Programs
  • Suggest workflows that are streamlined and less resource-intensive to help clinical care, data collection/recording and billing practices
  • Strategies and tactics to reduce unnecessary overhead


Patient Volume Increase

  • Better marketing plans
  • Participation in private Workman’s Comp Mediator referral program


Provider Recruiting

  • Finding providers – resume screening
  • Interviewing assistance



  • Administrative manual review
  • HIPAA and OSHA Training (online and live)
  • Payer/billing review
  • EMR/Meaningful Use Review
  • Most cost-effective and quickest time to market strategies/solutions to problems identified


Organizational assessment

We start with a complimentary 1 hour  assessment to identify any needs , strengths, weaknesses or opportunities to help your practice achieve its goals. Following that we can a more in-depth evaluation involving the following:

•    Help define the practice’s goals –keeping in mind any strengths and constraints
•    Creating a solid long-term and short-term strategic plan to ensure practice growth and viability
•    Evaluate current and future technology needs or opportunities
•    Evaluate the competitive landscape and prepare to proactively react, as needed
•    Evaluate clinical processes for quality, efficiency and adherence to government regulations
•    Evaluate need /ROI (return of investment) for adding or changing service offerings
•    Evaluate financial processes for quality, efficiency and adherence to government regulations


Our approach is based on both LEAN, Six Sigma Principles and Quality Improvement Principles while utilizing industry best practices. We bring in the best experts for each project- whether we are relying on our strengths in-house or the skills offered by our experienced business partners.


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