Revenue Enhancement

There are many mechanisms by which a practice or small hospital can increase their ” bottom line”.

By improving the quality of clinical care  and sharing data/proof organizations such as National Committee for Quality Assurance and Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services  and many commercial payers will either recognize you or provide additional payments. Either way, the result is more revenue.

NCQA Recognition Programs

1.  PCMH (patient centered medical home)

  • Return of investment analysis (ROI) overview on whether to participate
  • Gap analysis between data/policies currently have and need to achieve recognition
  • Data extraction and generation of reports
  • Creation of policies/procedures
  • Attestation on the portal documenting evidence of the appropriate data/policies

2.  Diabetes

  • Similar services included as above for PCMH

3. Heart/Stroke

  • Similar services included as above for PCMH

CMS Meaningful Use Stage 1 & 2

  • ROI overview on whether to participate
  • Gap analysis between data/have and need to achieve measures
  • Application for any qualified exclusions or waivers
  • Data extraction and generation of reports
  • Workflow re-design  to ensure provider effort minimized while data collection sustained
  • Attestation on the portal

Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

  • ROI analysis whether to participate
  • Data collection from EMR and organization of data
  • Measure selection assistance
  • Attestation and follow-up assistance

Payer Contract Negotiations

  • Improve fee schedule rates
  • Re-negotiate to more favorable contract provisions

Increase in patient volume

  • Introduction and execution of referral programs for referral dependent specialties (ie. physical therapy)
  • Marketing strategies to better advertise current or new services and to attract more patients

Billing/ Coding

  • Sending claims to all payers
  • Tracking and resolving accounts receivable
  • Resolving ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice)
  • Work with any practice management system
  • ICD-10 transition and maintenance assistance (includes staff/provider training)
  • With purchase of this service we provide a free EMR with no monthly charges