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2015: What might we expect from the healthcare industry

Last year was the first for many aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) including health insurance exchanges and government regulated mandates for participation. In previous years, we saw health data become a prominent issues with the introduction of Meaningful

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Views on Physician Pay

Really, how many porsches do you need?” has been a popular motto among proponents of Obamacare in response to objections by physicians at the possible pay cut brought on by the bill.  This is a fair statement as most anyone

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Health Insurance Exchanges

The Affordable Healthcare Act may have not only changed the United State’s  healthcare system forever, it also may have changed the insurance industry  forever.  The implementation of so called health insurance exchanges, or HIX for short, have helped change the

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Expansion of Medicaid Under “ObamaCare”

We have all heard the debates over the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, or as it is commonly referred to in the media, “Obamacare”. Although the bill will be implemented for the most part in several years time, there is still one

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